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co production participants with Salford council leaders
28th November 2022

Enjoyable employment and good homes are the priorities for young adults, a new project in Salford has found.


Salford Health and Wellbeing Board invited the group of local people to explore key issues that affect health and well-being. This produced new ideas that challenge the system, especially to do better for children. 

Working together over a year, and drawing in senior professionals from local agencies, the group put forward specific proposals to Salford Health and Wellbeing Board for system change. 

For enjoyable work, the key was how to find out about opportunities. Short term, the group asked key agencies across Salford to identify jobs in their organisations that could be opened up. Longer-term, they wanted a review of how to create better pathways into such roles. 

For good homes, they key was focussing on homes, not just housing. Short term, the group proposed a practical guide on creating your own good home. Longer-term, they wanted a good homes strategy for Salford, of which housing would be just one part. 

Fundamental to all of the discussions is the need for stability and security, not least for children. The group feel that enjoyable work and good homes are the first steps to achieving both. 

Salford Health and Wellbeing Board has supported the proposals and requested design of the solutions with local people, so that they can then be included in local plans and strategies. 

Adam from Walkden said “After dealing with many complications in my life, it’s so nice to share stuff as some of the people here have gone through the same as me. Salford needs to be better for the kids and that’s why I am doing this.” 

Julia from Winton said: “This project is very important to me. As a child, not many people knew about my situation, and I felt that I had nowhere to turn to. I hope our ideas will help create good homes for children in Salford.” 

Judd Skelton, Assistant Director for Integrated Commissioning at Salford City Council and NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care, said; “Working with this group of young people has been a truly inspirational experience. It would be understandable if the barriers they have faced had made them disillusioned, but they are full of hope and passion and have channelled their experiences to shape what they think and what a good home and enjoyable work should look like. They have shown so much commitment and drive and are producing work that they have ownership of and will help create a better future and better outcomes for others.” 

The project was facilitated by Unlimited Potential, a community benefit society that specialises in social and economic innovation. It was commissioned on behalf of Salford Health and Wellbeing Board by the Public Health directorate at Salford City Council.