Unlimited Potential Impact objectives are:

  1. Wellbeing - To support people to lead happier and healthier lives. Services having positive outcomes for people engaged with them.
  2. Fulfilment - To help people who want to develop their skills and abilities to fulfil their potential. People taking control of their own lives.
  3. Positive Impact -To be a healthy and happy enterprise that has the best possible impact for people and for a sustainable world. The organisation having a positive impact on the wider world.
  • Accountability

    The Society has a clear governance structure consisting of: Supporters, Board of Directors, Committees and Executive Team

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  • Positive Impact

    We have a “triple bottom line” of social, economic and environmental impact.

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  • Learning from Experience

    Unlimited Potential is a “Learning Organisation” whose staff who are skilled at creating, acquiring and sharing knowledge.

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