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Salford Time Bank launch encourages people to make time for each other
5th December 2014

PEOPLE in Salford are being encouraged to share skills and make time for each other following the launch of an innovative new scheme part funded by the team behind the £650 million regeneration of Pendleton.

The Salford Time Bank involves local people and community groups coming together to lend each other a helping hand. No money changes hands: the only cost is people’s time.

Time Banking strengthens communities by drawing people together and by developing mutual friendships and support.

The Time Bank enables its members to exchange their variety of skills and abilities that can be put to good use in Pendleton. The members can “clock in” to help out a neighbour, improve community spaces, or even develop a new local enterprise.

Co-ordinated by Unlimited Potential, a Salford-based social enterprise, the Salford Time Bank is funded by Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and Newground Together – a member of the Together Housing Group.

The Time Bank was launched by Hazel Blears, the Labour MP for Salford and Eccles, recently, who joined local Time Bankers and partners in the scheme.

Ms Blears said: “Many people do not appreciate how much difference an hour of their time could make in their local community.

“Time Banking is a fantastic way of enabling residents to share their different talents and skills - and sometimes a friendly ear is all it takes to brighten a neighbour’s day.

“So many things revolve around money these days, but this system of mutual help and support costs nothing. I hope people in Pendleton and Langworthy will get involved.”

George Paterson of Together Housing Group, said: “The ethos of the Time Bank sits comfortably within our ambition to have everyone working collaboratively to help enhance Pendleton’s thriving community.

“The Time Bank adds value to the huge investment programme that is under way and I am pleased to see that local people and organisations are beginning to embrace the ethos of the Time Bank and are exchanging their time.”

Already 14 local residents and various local organisations, including the Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Newground, Salford City Council, Langworthy Cornerstone, Lark Hill School, local carers’ groups, Unique Improvements and the University of Salford, have pledged their involvement.

Chris Dabbs of Unlimited Potential said: “The idea is simple. Time is valuable and this means it can be put to good use. Everyone involved brings different skills and experiences which can be easily put to good use in Pendleton.

“The support already from local people and organisations is encouraging and we have only just launched. A key aim of the Time Bank is to bring the local community together to make a difference and to build friendships and support.”

Pendleton residents Sandra Evans and Harry Melody are just two local people who have signed up to the Salford Time Bank.

Life-long Pendleton resident Sandra, who lives in Thorn Court, said: “I started time banking three months ago. I got involved because I wanted to help people in need. I’ve been doing everything from washing and ironing to shopping. People really appreciate it.”

Harry added: “I’ve joined because I want to help bring the community together. I’m going to be doing small DIY for people.”

Membership of the Time Bank is open to everyone who lives in Pendleton and the wider Langworthy ward.