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1st August 2022

A Salford-based social enterprise has committed to ensure that all its people have security of hours, as well as being paid at least the real Living Wage.

Unlimited Potential is now a Living Hours Employer, accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. This means that the staff working with Unlimited Potential are entitled to:

  • decent notice periods for any shifts, of at least four weeks
  • a contract that reflects the hours they regularly work
  • a guaranteed minimum of 16 hours of work per week

Unlimited Potential’s commitment to Living Hours builds upon its longstanding Living Wage accreditation to provide its people with the security and stability of hours they need to meet their everyday needs. This is to ensure that people have the predictable working patterns and income to better plan their lives.

“Unlimited Potential decided to show its support to encourage other employers in Greater Manchester and beyond to adopt Living Hours, especially where this would improve people’s working conditions”, said Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive.

Unlimited Potential is one of the first employers to implement this new standard and become an accredited Living Hours Employer. It is the tenth accredited Living Hours employer in north-west England.

This commitment applies to not only directly employed staff but also to any third party contracted staff. Unlimited Potential will work with any relevant provider to seek to ensure that staff working on any contract with it receive Living Hours contracts as well.