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30th May 2014

Fathers in Little Hulton are planning a massive celebration of fatherhood at 1-4pm on Saturday 14th June, the day before Fathers’ Day, at Harrop Fold School.

The event will be a big fête which has been planned in partnership with The Lowry, as well as many other partners. Professional artists from The Lowry will be there to help children express their love for their fathers in art and poetry. There will be a free ‘big family eat’ which will encourage families to sit together and share a free buffet. Attractive prizes will be on offer like a family ticket to The Lowry for the best dad/child dancing as well as fun activities like bird box making, petting zoo, throw a sponge at your dad, face painting, assault course and much more.

Salford Dadz is a growing movement of local fathers who are helping dads to help each other. The dads know from listening to children that the main thing that they want is to spend time with their fathers doing fun things. But sometimes there are barriers in the way like few places where men feel comfortable, problems for separated fathers getting time with their children and men’s confidence in playing and helping their children.

Salford Dadz has already set up a fortnightly Saturday group, where dads and children play together. It is an opportunity for dads to meet, talk and form friendships. The Dadz have found that many fathers are isolated from one another and that contact with another father in the same position can help.

Their work prompted a local nurse who is supporting the dads to write poetry herself about the fabulous fathers she has met who have learnt valuable lessons to pass on to others or overcome big problems, such as this:

Waving the river calm by Heather Henry

If you had the chance to wave the river calm, would you?

Or would you hold up your hand

And be washed onto the rock of isolation

Or jump from the tallest bridge

So the river engulfs you

And you sink

Not coming up for air for years

Maybe you never surface again

Or would you stand thoughtfully

Weigh up what faces you

Stay your temper


Drown your pride

Think positive

Wave calmly at the surging rapids

Rise above it

Say 'whatever is best for the child'

Don't give up on her

She needs you and you need her

Keep going forward

I did it, so can you.