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co production participants in discussion with each other. Celebratory balloons are on the table.
31st July 2023

Good Homes For Good Lives

“Everyone deserves a good home. You deserve a good home. And we are going to help you do it.”

That is the key message in a new magazine that has been produced by a group of young adults in Salford. 

The group has experienced the worst of the housing crisis. As part of a wider project on health and well-being, they have been working with senior decision makers in Salford to develop new solutions together. 

The magazine, called Your Good Home, is about homes, not just housing. It covers the housing system, communities, practical advice from experts, and making your home your own. 

“Good homes are the foundations that everyone needs for a good life, especially children and young people.” said Laura Edwards, Project Facilitator. “It isn’t right that so many people are in temporary accommodation, homeless, or struggling to pay their rent each month. We need to do better.” 

“We know that getting your first place is just part of the solution. Knowing how to (and being able to) create a good home is how everyone will have a good life.” 

“We want the magazine to fill other people like us with ideas, advice, and inspiration to make their first place a good home.” said Jordan Mannion. “We have crafted every page to make things that little bit easier. We want others to know that things get better.”


The project is facilitated by Unlimited Potential, a local social enterprise, and funded by Salford City Council on behalf of the Salford Health and Wellbeing Board.