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25th June 2024

A new vision for a fairer, greener and healthier economy in Salford has been published. 

The ‘grower’s guide’ to nurturing an inclusive and green economy has been issued by Partners in Salford from the city’s Economies for Healthier Lives project. It is available as a flipbook at https://heyzine.com/flip-book/6fd797cf34.html 

The guide outlines Salford’s approach to community wealth building: a people-centred approach to local economic development. 

Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive of Unlimited Potential, the community benefit society that facilitates Salford’s Economies for Healthier Lives project, on behalf of Partners in Salford, said: 

“To create an inclusive and green economy, we are nurturing the conditions for different conversations and new ideas. Together, local agencies and local people can design a new economy that improves wealth and health in Salford.” 

The project has established the Salford Local Anchors Network of the largest organisations rooted in Salford. It is also supporting local people to create new social and co-operative businesses. 

The aim is to design a new landscape, including: harnessing the wealth that exists locally; providing enjoyable work and fair and green employment opportunities for local people; and encouraging dense local supply chains of social, co-operative and green enterprises. 

The project is part of the Health Foundation’s Economies for Healthier Lives programme. The Health Foundation is an independent charity committed to bringing about better health and health care for people in the U.K.