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START Art collaboration

What they aim to achieve

START Art in Salford uses creativity to help vulnerable people from all walks of life improve their skills and gain in confidence.

Their members often make remarkable progress and soon learn how to become valued members of the community, contributing in ways they themselves could never have imagined.

As members prepare to finish their programme Unlimited Potential provides them with the option of support from an Unlimited Potential Health and Wellbeing Mentor.

What they do

Unlimited Potential's Health and Wellbeing Mentors provide practical support and guidance to people for up to six months. 

They use a tool called a Wellbeing Star to holistically help their clients identify three to five goals to focus on. 

A Personal Action Plan is then agreed and the Mentors help link the individuals with programmes, groups and services in their communities that will assist them in achieving those goals.

Where they operate