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What we aim to achieve

Our overarching aim is to reduce social isolation by encouraging and empowering those who are experiencing loneliness to take part in social and community activities, develop friendships, form social networks and access self-help support.

Our project seeks to enable local people to take action, with an emphasis on:

  • motivation and purpose - helping people to connect with what matters to them

  • confidence to act - creating opportunities for people to feel more able to make a change

  • social circumstances - understanding and, wherever possible, addressing any barriers that could get in the way of change

Our key principle is connecting people, using community assets and drawing on community, voluntary, private and public organisations who want to support local communities.


What we do

When people feel supported by strong human relationships, change happens. People want to join in if it is made attractive and easy. We therefore need a way of working at the heart of which is human connection. 

We facilitate the increase and strengthening of sustainable local networks between community, voluntary, private and public organisations. We improve access to fun, friendships and meaningful activities for local people who are socially isolated. 

To do this, we:

  • build and grow networks that support reducing social isolation

  • develop routes to connect people with their community and activities

  • identify people who are socially isolated through local contacts and networks

  • create sustainable approaches to increase the offer to people who are socially isolated

  • establish and apply learning from other places

  • complement and align with other activity tackling social isolation in neighbourhoods

Our project works alongside the Wellbeing Matters programme, including the Community Connector and the Volunteer Development Worker for the project area.

See our Project Report 2020-2021 to see how the project developed and what we learned. 

Where we operate

While the project aims to reduce social isolation across the whole of Eccles and Irlam, it is focussing first on the wards of Barton and Winton.



Who is eligible

Anyone who lives in the wards of Barton or Winton. This includes families, young people, adults and older people, but especially those with limited or no contact with mainstream voluntary or public services.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive)

Contact details below


Who invests in us

Funded by Salford CVS with support from NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group.


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