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Photo people at a window with a we love our smoke free homes sticker on the glass

What they aim to achieve

“Creating smoke-free homes IN Salford.”

The Smoke-Free Homes service aims to reduce the harm caused by second-hand smoke by encouraging smoke-free environments at home, by:

  • reducing exposure of people, with particular regard to specified groups, to second-hand smoke
  • raising awareness of the consequences of exposure to second-hand smoke


  • Second-hand smoke has multiple, significant negative effects on people’s health.
  • People are more likely to become or remain smokers if others in their household or their peers smoke.
  • Keeping either a part of, or an entire home smoke-free will reduce the effects of second-hand smoke on people’s health, and may support smokers to stop smoking

What they do

  • Outreach work to raise awareness of the risks of exposure to second-hand smoke and the benefits of being smoke-free
  • Provide support to applicants for Smoke-Free Home promises

Where they operate

In these wards within the City of Salford:

  • Barton
  • Broughton
  • Irwell Riverside
  • Langworthy
  • Little Hulton
  • Ordsall
  • Pendlebury
  • Walkden North
  • Weaste & Seedley
  • Winton

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs, Chief Executive on 0161 743 4502 or

Who invests in them

Salford NHS primary Care Trust


“I’ve not had to keep him off school this year because of his asthma since I made the house smoke-free. He reminds everyone when they come in.” (Mum of a 7-year-old boy)