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What we aim to achieve

We will establish a baseline to understand what men and boys think about masculinity: what are the actual norms and expectations?

Over time, we want to learn about what does (and does not) shift attitudes and behaviours towards positive masculinity, including within different age groups. 

Ultimately, through the learning from our practical social innovation work, we want to change the ‘system conditions’ within populations, communities and agencies, so that there is a sustained and substantial reduction in gender-based violence.

What we do

We will first focus on positive masculinity and the factors that can promote and support it. In this way, men and boys can contribute to reducing the prevalence of gender-based abuse and violence. 

We will look at evidence of:

  • the factors that promote non-violence and positive masculinity
  • masculine-based approaches to reduction of gender-based abuse around the world 

The next step is to generate ideas and concepts of positive masculinity with local people, especially men and boys. This will encourage creative thinking, exploration and ways of sourcing ideas and learning from others. 

The outline approach will then be developed and tested in practice, at small scale, working alongside local people. This is to find out what does and does not work, so that plans can be refined and improved. 

The case for the new approach will then be made, comparing its effectiveness to what is already done, in order to attract support. 

If successful, the idea will then be moved from concept to reality. This focuses on embedding the approach into everyday practice, which will involve cultural and behavioural shifts for initial spread of the approach. 

Following that, strategies for further spread can then be applied through application of funding, advice, networks and new opportunities.

Where we operate

Bolton and Salford

Who is eligible

All male adults.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive)

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