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What they aim to achieve

“Involving you in health and care.”

As Host organisation, the aim is to set up, support and advise Salford’s Local Involvement Network (LINk) to carry out a programme of activities in line with its statutory duties and relevant Government guidance to: 

  • promote and support the involvement of people in the commissioning, provision and scrutiny of local health and social care services (including public health) 

  • obtain the views of people about their need for, and experiences of, local health and social care services (including public health)  

  • enable people to monitor and review the commissioning and provision of health and care services  

  • raise the concerns of local people with those responsible for commissioning, providing, managing and scrutinising services (including public health) 

What they do


  • partnership working

  • development and promotion

  • information and support


Community engagement is essential for all partner organisations and the community in order to contribute to: 

  • empowering local citizens to have control over their lives 

  • reducing inequalities and closing the gap between the most and least deprived areas of the City 

  • ensuring that services genuinely meet the needs of service users and that available resources are used both efficiently and along agreed priorities 

  • fulfilling our commitment to local democracy 

  • meeting statutory duties including those laid down by central Government

What difference does it make? 

  • Identification and progress of issues that are priorities for LINk members and which are representative of the interests of LINk members.

  • Provision of information which can inform local commissioning. 

  • Participation methods that are accessible to people who are disadvantaged, marginalised or vulnerable. 

  • A significant and growing number of Salford residents are aware of the LINk and the work it does.

Where they operate

City of Salford

Who is eligible

All local people.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive) on 0161 743 0088 or chris.dabbs@unlimitedpotential.org.uk

Who invests in them

Commissioned by Salfor City Council


“I had doubts about an annual event, but I was pleasantly surprised with the volume of people attending and the visual amount of information identified on the day.” (LINk participant)