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What they aim to achieve

Local voices improving local health and care.”

The Healthwatch steward aims to establish Healthwatch Salford and take on a stewardship role in relation to its functions, so that:

  • Healthwatch Salford will make a positive contribution to the successful local achievement of outcomes set out in national frameworks for the NHS, primary care, social care and public health.

What they do


  • Gather views and understand the experiences of the public.

  • Make people’s views known.

  • Promote and support involvement of people in the commissioning, provision and scrutiny of care services. Recommend investigation or special review of services via Healthwatch England or the Care Quality Commission.

  • Provide advice and information (signposting) about access to services and support in making informed choices.

  • Make the views and experiences of people known to Healthwatch England (and other local Healthwatches), providing a steer to help it carry out its role as national champion.

  • Support access to independent NHS Complaints Advocacy.


  • Encouraging and empowering local people, especially those who are most marginalised or vulnerable, to have more control in their lives and to influence the organisations that affect them will improve both well-being and local services.

What difference does it make?

  • Healthwatch Salford is able to carry out its statutory functions.

  • Healthwatch Salford has a broad knowledge of the diversity of views of local people, including marginalised and vulnerable people.

  • Healthwatch Salford is an influential, independent body that identifies and progresses issues that are priorities for Salford people, champions quality and provides consumers with a strong voice.

  • Healthwatch Salford provides information which can inform local commissioning and service provision.

  • Healthwatch Salford brings about change by using a range of initiatives to exert public influence to positive effect.

  • Health and social care services are demonstrably influenced by the impact of the customer voice coordinated through Healthwatch Salford, and measurable outputs in service improvement can be evidenced.

  • The relevant monitoring and scrutiny bodies have raised awareness of the priorities and concerns of local people.

  • A significant and growing number of Salford residents receive advice / guidance / support from the appropriate source.

Where they operate

City of Salford.

Who is eligible

Anyone (children and adults) who is legally entitled to access health or social care services in Salford or anyone who cares for or represents anyone who has access to health or social care services in Salford.

Who to Contact

Healthwatch Office on 0330 355 0300

The Old Town Hall
5 Irwell Place
M30 0FN


Who invests in them

Commissioned by Salford City Council (Community, Health and Social Care)