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Health to Wellbeing

What they aim to achieve

A Social Prescribing approach across 12 GP Practices in Eccles and Irlam.

To transform the way we interact with the GP Practice, and ultimately to reduce demand on Primary Care. Taking much learning from the traditional Social Prescribing model, Unlimited Potential in partnership with Salford CVS, Salford Health Matters and Inspiring Communities Together will work towards three lofty objectives, in tandem with 12 practices in Eccles and Irlam across 2016:

Objective 1. Provide easy access to community information and assets for all. All practices in Eccles and Irlam to have access to, and actively promote uptake of, the Way to in practice via a tablet and ICT.

Objective 2: To recruit, train and support a team of Volunteer Well-being Champions who can help people navigate the Way to portal and access the community assets they need to.

Objective 3. To implement a quick and easy pathway for GPs and Nurses to ‘refer’ their patients to a ‘Single Point of Access’ for the additional wellbeing and support services available locally to help them better engage in community assets. This includes our very own Wellbeing Mentor 1-1 support offer, but will also ensure swifter access to Health Improvement and to Being Well Salford.

What they do

Our innovative Level 1 service has been commissioned as part of a pilot with Salford CCG funding attached; partnering Salford Health Matters, CVS Salford and Inspiring Communities Together, this links to the ICP Community Assets workstream, with a focus on ‘demand reduction’ in Primary Care.

Where they operate

Eccles and Irlam.