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health trainer sat outside on a sunny day chatting to a client

What they aim to achieve

“Helping you to help yourself.”

The Health Trainers service aims to improve the well-being of local people by encouraging and supporting healthy lifestyle choices, by:

  • supporting people to make changes they want in their lifestyle to improve their health and well-being

  • offering practical advice and good connections into services and support that is available locally


What they do


  • recruiting clients

  • supporting clients to design personal action plans

  • supporting clients to implement personal action plans



  • Health can only be maintained and improved if it is part of a person’s way of life.

  • A person’s health will be improved if they make the healthier choices they want and stick to them.

  • Support will be most effective if it is practical and offers connections to local services and networks that are easily accessible.


What difference does it make?

  • 50% of clients will have achieved all the goals in their personal action plans

  • 70% of clients will have achieved one or more goals in their personal action plans






Where they operate

Across the City of Salford.

Who is eligible

People aged over 16 years who are resident in or registered with a GP practice in the City of Salford, who want to make changes in their lifestyle to improve their health and well-being, but are struggling to do so.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive) on 0161 743 0088 or

Who invests in them

Commissioned by Salford Primary Care Trust and Salford City Council (Chief Executive’s)


“I feel as though my life has turned the corner.” (client)