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What they aim to achieve

Empower You supports disabled people to lead healthy active lives.


What they do

Empower You is a service to support disabled people to lead more active lifestyles.

It’s not always easy for disabled people to be active.

There are many barriers that often limit or completely prevent participation.

Empower You aims to break down these barriers by supporting disabled people within their desired activities and upskilling those around the individual to promote a network of long-term support.

In doing so Empower You creates a community in which disabled people have the opportunities and support available to better manage their own health and wellbeing.



Where they operate

Currently in Salford and Trafford.

Who is eligible

If you are disabled and want to start an activity such going to your local walking group, join a gym or get involved with that dance class.

If you support a disabled person with a disability but aren’t sure how to for example what exercises to do in the gym.

If you are an activity provider and want to increase your skills, knowledge and experience to offer a more inclusive service for disabled people.


Who to Contact

Ben Andrews, Empower You Project Manager on 07747 475038 ben.andrews@unlimitedpotential.org.uk

Jane Dennison, Lifestyle Coach on 07422 972910  


Eamonn Greene, Lifestyle Coach on 07421 360149 


Our main office number is 0161 743 0088 


Fax referrals to 0161 743 0090


Who invests in them


“She’s made some really good friends at your sessions, her dance and drama thanks for sorting that out” Sylvia (about Katie), Broughton

"This is the only time I get out of the house or see anyone" Michael, Langworthy

"I used to struggle to sleep due to the pain in my legs, now, as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out" Kay, Kersal