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What they aim to achieve

“Healthy carers, healthy lives, healthy services.”

What they do


  • outreach to and engaging carers

  • supporting and empowering carers

  • linking with and improving other services 



  • Caring may affect anyone, and can have life-altering consequences.

  • Caring forms a vital part of the fabric and character of every community.

  • Without carers, health and social care services would be overwhelmed with demand.


What difference does it make?

  • more people cared for with improved well-being

  • more carers with more freedom to lead lives of their own

  • more carers maintaining their own health and well-being

  • more carers with increased confidence in services

  • more carers involved in planning, provision and assessment of services

Where they operate

Charlestown and Lower Kersal, in the City of Salford.

Who is eligible

Carers, aged 16 and over, resident in the City of Salford.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive) on 0161 743 0088 or

Who invests in them

Salford City Council (Community, Health and Social Care)


“Thank you for helping me get back into work. The support given couldn’t be bought.” (carer)