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What we aim to achieve

To do a detailed asset mapping exercise in local communities, based on their strengths and potential. Asset mapping documents a community’s existing resource, and identifies who the community are, the groups working in the community and any anchor institutions that operate there. 

To support ForHousing and partners to empower and support communities based on their strengths and potential. 

To strengthen or form relationships, identify potential partnerships and tap into existing passion and resources within communities to take action, meet local need and help to shape local services. 

To identify any gaps and to support the community to identify the resources and create the partnerships that can address need. 

To support ForHousing to understand who its tenants are, the communities they live in and how best to work alongside communities and tenants.

What we do

We particularly wanted to listen to people who are least heard or engaged. We assessed any intelligence available about this, including which groups or communities were most at risk of being forgotten. We also did an equality impact assessment. 

We gathered and reviewed any similar strengths-focussed work that had been done with less engaged people in any of the localities. 

We identified and engaged with respected local connectors from widely diverse backgrounds, who would also interview other local people. 

We developed a plan of action for each area, and then went to where people are, not least in engaging with local businesses (static, delivery or mobile). 

We used various ways to hold learning conversations with local people who reflect the diversity of each population. The focus was what matters to them and what they saw as local assets. These covered: local associations; local institutions (all sectors); physical environments; digital spaces; neighbourhood economy; and culture. 

From the intelligence gathered, we created asset maps of each locality, reflecting the assets that local people most valued. To view these asset maps click on the relevant area under Where We Operate. 

We produced a report for ForHousing and presented our learning, themes and recommendations, both general and locality specific.

Who is eligible

All adult residents

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive) 

Contact details below.

Who invests in us

Supported by ForHousing