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What we aim to achieve

Our economy is the way it is because of human design and decisions. At the moment, these decisions are taken by a small elite and serve their interests, but we can remake them democratically so that the economy works for everyone. 

Through system change, we can act collectively to spread power more widely in our economy: key decisions about how the economy works can be taken democratically for the common good. In doing this, it is vital that the democratic ‘us’ that we construct is inclusive of everyone, including migrant communities. 

By systems, we specifically mean how decisions are made, by whom, in whose interests, with whose evidence and with what values and assumptions. They include societal, economic and institutional systems.

What we do

We explore, with a community, a ‘people’s approach to wealth and economics’, starting from the perspective of people who have directly experienced economic disadvantage. 

The first stage is to identify and engage a diversity of young adults within the community. 

We then organise to raise awareness and learning by: exciting interest in wealth and economics; learning together; and developing thinking and learning. 

The next stage is to support the group of local people to develop together a practical approach to collective control of wealth and assets in the locality (such as land, capital or data). Ideally, this will align with the local economic strategy, and attract financial and non-financial investment. 

The project will capture and spread the learning done both to inform its own development and to have wider systemic influence at local and regional levels across all sectors.

Where we operate




Who is eligible

Young adults resident in Rochdale.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive)

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