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crescent masterplan salford

What they aim to achieve

To help to improve health and reduce health inequalities, through communities creating their own wealth and health. 

To enable the development of a theory of change and metrics, and gather robust evidence through real-time evaluation. To use learning to inform co-production with local people, as well as the development and implementation of Salford’s inclusive and green economy strategy

To enable economic development and public health professionals to deepen their working partnerships and mutual understanding for wider economic and health benefits.

What they do

Identify realistic economic opportunities in the local public and private sectors, which will be prioritised by local people. Work with local people to co-produce supply responses and mutually / socially-owned enterprises to meet future demand in chosen priority areas, with tailored business support. 

Establish initial trading arrangements, including potential new ownership of local assets for community benefit, and consideration of community share arrangements. 

Enable local people to create and collectively own their own economic solutions, while offering customers new, viable local suppliers. This will not only keep more money and wealth in the local economy, but afford local people more control over and hope for their futures. 

Explore ‘grassroots wealth building’, learning how to develop and equip local people so that they can thrive, and how to create with them pathways into the social economy. This will mirror ‘community wealth building/’ by anchor institutions.

Where they operate


Who is eligible

All adults resident in Salford.

Who to Contact

Chris Dabbs (Chief Executive)

0161 743 4502

Who invests in them

Funded by the Health Foundation.