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crescent masterplan salford

What we aim to achieve

To help to improve health and reduce health inequalities, through communities creating their own wealth and health. 

To have a local economy that is good for people’s health and well-being. 

To have a fairer and more inclusive and green local economy that better delivers social and environmental justice. An economy in which a greater share of wealth stays locally, and is shared more fairly with all communities. 

To create system change based on a community wealth building approach. 

To exchange experience and learning through monthly chapters on our Economics with People Substack.

What we do

Our approach balances practical action by local anchor institutions and co-production with local people and communities. 

We work with local anchor institutions on community wealth building. We assess local spend and identify realistic business opportunities across public, private and voluntary sectors. 

We explore ‘grassroots wealth building’, learning how to develop and equip local people with tools and information to thrive. We learn how to create with them pathways into the social economy. 

We work with local people to create social and co-operative enterprises to meet future demand in chosen priority areas, with tailored business support. These enable not only direct involvement of local people in decision-making but also the local retention of wealth created. 

We exchange our experience and learning through monthly chapters on our Economics with People Substack.

We have produced Fairer Greener Healthier. Our grower’s guide to nurturing an inclusive and green economy (pdf). There is also a flipbook version.

Where we operate


Who is eligible

All adults resident in Salford.

Who to Contact

Orla McCann (Project Manager)

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Who invests in us

Funded by the Health Foundation