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What they aim to achieve

The aim of Breath Stars is to test whether singing improves the breathing of children with asthma. 




What they do

Breath Stars is a partnership with the world renown Hallé Orchestra.

An experienced singing teacher leads fun singing sessions after school for six months during term time.

The University of Salford evaluates whether singing helps children with asthma to breath better.

Previous work with adults with chronic lung disease indicates that likely changes include:

  • increased confidence
  • stronger breathing muscles
  • better lung capacity

The advantages this brings is:

  • fewer visits to the Doctor/Nurse
  • fewer admissions to A&E services
  • Improved school attendance
  • better life chanes in the long term

Where they operate

In identified communties in Salford and Wigan. Salford begins in September 2017.

Who is eligible

Children with asthma aged 9-12 years old in identified communities in Salford and Wigan.

Who to Contact

Heather Henry, Nurse Entrepreneur

Telephone 07941 790670

Who invests in them

Big Lottery Fund

Salford Clinical Commissioning Group

Salford CVS   








"Singing is a great way to keep in shape because it exercises heart and lungs. It has also been shown to help the body produce 'feel-good' hormones."  -  Wigan Warblers